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Student Council 2023-2024

The Student Council in Loreto Bray is comprised of twenty eight elected members - one representative from each Form Class per year as well as the Head Girl and two Deputy Head Girls. Elections to the Student Council take place in early September. The Student Council is a democratically elected forum which allows the voices of students to be heard. The Council is organised according to a Constitution.

The Council meets every second Tuesday during the school year to discuss any student-related issues which are brought to its attention.

  • The Council acts as a communications link with school management, teaching staff and other staff in the school.
  • The Council facilitates student participation in decision making and policy formation in the school.
  • The Council promotes the good of the students in the school and ensures that students' issues are listened to and given due consideration.

The members of the Student Council for 2023/2024 are:

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

1 Bulkley

Phoebe Gilmore

2 Bulkley

Emma Brady

3 Bulkley

Emily Flood

1 Clerke

Lucy Byrne

2 Clerke

Keelan Mae Roche

3 Clerke

Kate O'Meara

1 Hackett

Hollie O'Driscoll

2 Hackett

Anna Morrisey

3 Hackett

Tess Fitzgibbon

1 Maunder

Emily Keogh

2 Maunder

Hannah Boczkowska

3 Maunder

Maryjo Mandras

1 Power

Holly Doyle

2 Power

Saoirse Lavery

3 Power

Ella Royle

4th Year

5th Year

6th Year

4 Freedom

Trinity Cahill

5 Bland

Olivia Best

6 Bland

Ella Finnegan

4 Joy

Emma Duffy

5 Cousins

Irish Keene

6 Cousins

Niamh Mahony

4 Justice

Katue McDonagh

5 Jellet

Emma Kiernan

6 Jellet

Kelly Xue

4 Sincerity

Beatrice Fortuna

5 Moloney

Emma Yan

6 Moloney

Sophie Draper

4 Truth

Rachel O'Brine

5 Sheehy

Emily Ryan

If you have any concerns or suggestions, please see one of your student representatives and let them know that you wish your issue to be brought to the Student Council 2023/24. Meetings are held every second Thursday in the Sewing Room from 1.00 - 1.45.

Facilitator: Ms. Walsh

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