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The library was created as a social, relaxing and peaceful space where students can read for wellbeing and mindfulness, as well as gather for the many extracurricular clubs and activities that take place each term.

Events include raising awareness about censorship during Banned Books Week, celebrating Poetry during Poetry Week and honouring the work of authors from all over the world during World Book Day.

The Library policy operates on a trust basis. There are no library cards or returns deadlines, we understand that students need to be able to take their time with a novel. We trust that students will return the books when they’re finished so others can enjoy them. The library is run and operated by a team of student Library Captains who work hard every day during their lunch times and after school hours to ensure that the space is as welcoming, well-stocked and organised as possible for all our students.

Book Club and Writer’s Club takes place in the library and is facilitated by Ms Clarke and a group of students who work together to foster a culture of reading and creativity.

We have held the Wellread Award for three years and are in the process of getting our Readers for Life award.

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Vevay Road, Bray, Co Wicklow.
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