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Newsletter June 2024


Our PA was established to provide a forum for parents and guardians to work in partnership with our school management and students to support the best possible school experience for our students.


All parents and guardians of children attending our school are members of the Parents' Association and are welcome to attend meetings and get involved at any time.

The aims of our Parents' Association:

  • to support the aims and goals of our school,
  • to promote understanding and communication between parents, management, pupils &the wider community,
  • to encourage parent participation in school related activities,
  • to signpost parents to information about our school: policies, curriculum, system of governance (Board of Management, etc.)
  • to encourage dialogue with the Board of Management and other partners relating to parents' expectations for their students,
  • to ensure parents are re[resented at all levels in the consultative process of school development planning and decision-making,
  • to support the work done by teachers and students - concerts, drama, exhibitions, sporting events, career nights and fun events,
  • to support / organise events for parents' information - open days/nights, transition year information, speakers on specific topics and
  • to collaborate with local community, or affiliate with regional or national groups as appropriate.

Parents' Association Newsletters

Loreto Bray PA 2022/2023

How to contact the Parents’ Association

PA WhatsApp Group: parents can join the WhatsApp group by emailing the PA, by attending a PA monthly meeting or by sending a message to your year representative.

2023/2024 PA Committee can be contacted at

Chairperson Secretary Treasurer PRO
Samantha Duffy Maeve Donnelly Andrea Nolan Claire Finnegan
Deputy Chairperson
Deputy Treasurer
Niamh Grist Clodagh Davis

Year Reps Name Contact Details
1st Year Reps Ciara Brady, Clodagh Davis Email:
2nd Year Reps Patricia Mee, Grainne Reis Email:
3rd Year Reps Dee Kearney, Lucy Quinn Email:
4th Year Reps Samantha Duffy Email:
5th Year Reps Barbara Connolly, Lorraine Cummins Email:
6th Year Reps Sonya Jacobs, Claire Finnegan Email:

We hope you understand that parents and Guardians are volunteering their time and will try to respond to emails within two working days (Mon-Fri), for urgent queries the school should be contacted directly.

When does the PA meet?

The Parents Association generally meets monthly in the evening (around 7.30pm) in the school. The night of the week alternates each month to support attendance across the year. The Principal, Deputy Principals or a nominated teacher attends every second meeting and provides updates to the PA.

What happens at a meeting?

  • Ideas are discussed.
  • Information is shared.
  • Activities are planned.
  • Decisions are made.
  • Work is reviewed.
  • Differences are resolved.

Meetings give members the chance to take part in running the PA and they are where most of the work is carried out. Every meeting should have a clear purpose. There will be an agenda and minutes will be taken to capture actions and decisions. Our newsletter provides an overview of our activities.

The PA has no part in the overall management of Loreto Bray, which is the responsibility of the Board of Management, or in the day-to-day running of the school, which is the responsibility of the principal. The PA acts in accordance with the aims of the PA Constitution and the collective interests of all parents of the school, and is not to be used as conduit for individual grievances or aims by parents.

The Parents' Association Constitution is available to read here:

PA Constitution

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