Readers for Life

Readers for Life

The Bray Bookshelf

Welcome to the Bray Bookshelf! A community initiative created by the Loreto Bray Senior Book Club who want to expand the love and benefits of reading for pleasure to the community. Reading for pleasure has proven benefits for mindfulness and wellbeing. Reading for pleasure helps to build connections, process life events and experiences along with building confidence. For our students reading helps improve cognitive ability, expand vocabulary, improve wellbeing and enhance critical thinking skills.

The Bray Bookshelf aims to provide a space for book recommendations for all ages, a monthly inclusive virtual book club along with links to community organisations. We have developed a ‘Bring a Book, Take a Book’ library in Sidmonton Park where we will encourage community donations of the recommended books to make reading accessible for all.

The Local Library:

Joining the local library is free and there is a myriad of services provided by the library including Borrowbox which is a free resource for all library members.

How to get involved? Follow us on @thebraybookshelf on Instagram for regular updates, recommendations, strategies and interviews.

Readers for LifeReaders for Life
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