Lotto - Summer Giveaway Competition

Lotto - Summer Giveaway Competition

Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting our fundraiser lotto. You are making a real difference, and we really appreciate your support.
Some good news, every line in our fundraiser lotto on Thursday 30th May 2024, has a chance to win our Jackpot and has a FREE chance to win one of three sensational Summer Giveaway Competition prizes. This nationwide competition is open to all people who have a ticket in a lotto run by our service provider ‘Our Fundraiser.
· 2 x VIP Taylor Swift Concert Tickets
· 2 x Platinum Coldplay Concert Tickets
· €1,000 Holiday Voucher

If you already have a ticket for our fundraiser lotto on 30th May 2024, you will be entered into this Summer Giveaway Competition. If you do not have a ticket, please visit our fundraiser website to join:
If you previously registered on our fundraiser website, then log in using the mobile number and password you used before and click on the ‘Play’ button.

If you have not previously registered on our fundraiser website, then click on the ‘Join’ button and follow the steps, it just takes a minute!

We would be delighted to help if you need any assistance, and you can contact us by emailing

To Win - at 7pm on Thursday 30th May 2024 a participant will be chosen at random by ‘Our Fundraiser’ for each prize. They must answer a phone call within 5 rings and answer the below quiz question correctly to win a prize. This competition is subject to our terms and conditions which can be found at

Taylor Swift is playing her June 2024 concerts in Ireland’s capital city. Which city is it? (a) Dublin (b) Galway (c) Waterford

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